Health Consultation and Assessment

We see clients at different levels of wellness, with diverse conditions and issues. You may not have found the answers you wanted in a traditional medical setting. Or you may be frustrated that you aren’t feeling better. We’re here to change your health trajectory.

It is our goal at Rapha Health & Wellness to help you get healthy and stay healthy. A health consultation at Rapha includes three simple steps to help you achieve the level of wellness you deserve:

  1. Initial Consultation: We will talk through symptoms, health history, and your goals. This consultation helps us establish your health baseline.
  2. Identify Root Causes: There are several ways to find major stressors and areas of weakness in the body including, Electrodermal Screening and Laboratory Testing. Kimberly’s extensive knowledge in naturopathic healing aids in identifying underlying problems.
  3. Create an Individualized Treatment Plan: Once the baseline is established, we will work together to create an individualized plan to address your specific concerns that will lead to healing.

Click here for a list of common issues we help clients with on a regular basis.