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Our Mission

Our mission is to guide others to complete wellness, physically, mentally, and emotionally, by providing natural, non-invasive healthcare.

Our History

Rapha Health & Wellness opened in 2013 with a vision to help all ages find a better path to wellness.

When I was a young nurse in my early twenties, an elderly patient looked at me and said, “Honey, enjoy these years, because the golden years aren’t golden.” Over the last 25 years, that statement has stayed with me, and I’ve asked myself why that is.
I’ve worked with many people, young and old, who felt much older than they actually were. Over the years, I realized that simply administering symptom-suppressing medications did little to return my patients to a healthy life. This began my journey to discover what works with the body’s natural systems to help people truly get better so they can enjoy their golden years.

My philosophy: I believe that our bodies are amazing instruments. The more I work with helping the body to heal itself, I am certain that an amazing Creator designed us with intention. I believe our bodies know how to be healthy. We get exposed to toxins in our environment, chemicals in our diets, bacteria, and viruses from a very young age. Our bodies speak to us through symptoms, but many times we mask the symptoms with over the counter or prescriptive medications. It’s important to learn how to listen to what our symptoms are saying, identify health challenges so we can be healthy again. It is my goal to have quality of life with the number of days I have on this earth, and I would like to help you achieve the same.

Kimberly Potter

Traditional Naturopath

Our Team

Grace Potter provides personalized health assessments to get to the root cause by looking at the client’s whole health picture. 

Her personal story is what inspired her to become a practitioner. Through the challenges in her own health care journey, she found the importance of using natural health techniques to bring the body back to its normal function when the use of modern-day medicine didn’t work for her.

She is currently working on her two-year registered herbalist course and is being mentored by Kimberly to become a Traditional Naturopath. She has worked at Rapha Health and Wellness as the office manager and receptionist for the past three years.

Her personal health challenges when she was a child inspired her to educate and guide others. In working with a Traditional Naturopath she was able to overcome digestive issues while igniting a passion to help others in the same way.


Grace Potter
Grace Potter

Certifications and Training:

2022 – Registered Herbalist – David Winston School of Natural Health – currently enrolled

2020 – Certified Natural Health Professional, Warsaw, IN

2020 – Certified Stress Reduction Therapist, Utah

2018 – Integrative Medicine, Level 1-3 Electro Acupuncture According to Voll Training, Las Vegas, NV

Kimberly Potter

Kimberly Potter

Traditional Naturopath

Kimberly is a passionate believer that you can overcome health concerns and lead a healthy, thriving life when you listen to your body and heal it properly. She finds joy in helping clients become their best selves.