Read testimonials from clients on the path to better health.

At Rapha Health & Wellness, we help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Our goal is to help you along the path to better health. Visit our comfortable, welcoming office for our safe, non-invasive services; you can also call us for a consultation by phone or Skype. We help you overcome health and wellness challenges. We’ll determine which of our services is best for your situation, whether it’s thermography for early breast cancer detection or pain management, electrodermal screening (EDS) for thyroid issues or autoimmune disorders, or laboratory testing. In addition, we carry a broad range of high quality naturopathic products to help you meet your health & wellness goals.

Read testimonials from some of our clients. 

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Rapha Health & Wellness has excellent service, good energy, and is very welcoming. I am impressed with Kimberly’s knowledge as well as her personable & intuitive nature. EDS is exciting because you get results as good as the more invasive tests typically done. I’ve taken multiple herbals and homeopathics without negative side effects. She helps address different problems l as well as achieving optimal health.


I've been more regular than I have been in years! What's really shocking is the lack of pain I typically have from my Arthritis!


I just want to say thanks for the ProMense. I'm getting closer to normal! Thanks for going the extra mile, being flexbible, and helping me learn how to listen to my body long-distance. I really appreciate it! 

R.W. in Guatemala

I am so grateful for Kimberly and Rapha. I have struggled with thyroid issues for many years, and since seeing Kimberly, I am in great shape! I send all my friends to her whenever they say, “No one can help me figure out what is going on.” There is always an answer – and Kimberly usually has it! 


I have noticed that as my sleeping has gotten better, my anxiety has lessened as well. I am sure that is also related to the supplements. Thank you so much for all of your help over the past few months. I cannot believe how different I feel compared to when I first saw you.  

A. F.

I’m very grateful that my chiropractor sent me to Rapha Health & Wellness. The advanced non-invasive techniques have pinpointed ingrained physical health conditions that I’ve been trying to address for years. Once a specific condition is uncovered, Rapha provides a treatment that is natural and provides long-term healing. I feel renewed health and vigor, along with an improved view for the future. I will continue to consult with Rapha Health & Wellness to maintain my good health, acquire education and coaching on nutrition, and uncover any other unwanted conditions that may arise – and tackle them.


Since coming to Rapha Health & Wellness, my lifestyle has greatly improved. I came to Rapha for chronic Lyme disease and liver issues. I have really benefited from all that I have learned from Kimberly. There is a way to stay healthy without drugs and all of their side effects. Preventative medicine and nutrition are keys to being healthy. Kimberly has really educated me in making healthy life choices.


I am impressed with Kim Potter. I have only seen her a few times and have been feeling better and had one miracle. I thought for sure that I would have to have my gall bladder out but had good counseling and got on a herb that is making me think I do not need surgery. I also have thyroid issues and medication I am too sensitive taking. However, Kim gave me a supplement that is working so I don't have to struggle taking the medication. She has studied a lot abroad and has some great ideas about how to handle complex health issues. I am also impressed with her compassion and generosity.