Prayer Ministry - Biblical Christian Counseling - Rapha Health & WellnessRapha Health & Wellness is pleased to offer Biblical Christian Counseling and Prayer Ministry.

Our spiritual health is just as important as our physical and emotional health. Your spiritual wellness can have a direct impact on your physical and emotional wellness. Spiritual practices can have a positive effect on your health and your energy level, as well as how we face life’s trials.

All of us have stress and challenges in our lives. You may be dealing with family, employment, or financial concerns. You may suffer from depression or anxiety, in addition to simply feeling overwhelmed. We are here to support you, and you never have to feel alone. 

What is Biblical Christian Counseling?

In Biblical Christian Counseling, our associate relates your personal struggles to the the Word of God, in order for you to achieve inner change as well as peace of mind.

At Your Appointment

During a sixty-minute session, you’ll be able to share your concerns and pray with our compassionate, caring associate. Jeanne is not a licensed counselor but she does counsel Biblically. We exercise complete confidentiality.

Available by appointment only, for a free-will donation.

Contact us to schedule your appointment.