Relax, unwInfrared sauna therapyind and gain a wide range of health benefits through infrared sauna therapy. Rapha Health & Wellness offers the most advanced infrared sauna by Finnleo complete with color therapy to create an energizing ambiance if desired. There is no better way to deal with mental strain and fatigue or to reduce stress, relax muscles and detoxify.

Health Benefits Attained Through Sauna Therapy:

  • Flushes toxins and detoxifies the whole body through sweat
  • Relieves stress
  • Relaxes muscles and soothe aches/pains in both muscles and joints.
  • Cleanses the skin
  • Induces a deeper sleep
  • Improves cardiovascular performance
  • Burns calories (600 -900 calories in a 30 min session!) and can help with weight loss
  • Helps fight illness and provides pain relief
  • Saunas just feel good!

Sauna Session Appointments

  • 30 minute or 45 minute sauna sessions
  • Singles Sessions
  • Packages: 5 packs or 10 packs available
  • Make it a social event, our sauna can fit up to two people: Add a friend to a session at a discount

*Packages provide a cost savings and we recommend that our clients partake in multiple sessions to achieve maximum health benefits and gain the best results.

Contact us today to reserve a sauna sesson.