Rapha Health & Wellness carries a variety of additional products to supplement and enhance your overall natural health goals.

Dynamic Fruits and Greens

Dynamic Fruits and Greens mixes can be either combined with water or used in smoothies. Each 8 oz. serving provide 20 servings of fruits and vegetables. Flavors include Pink Lemonade, Grape,  Berry, Strawberry Kiwi, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint and Espresso.  Dynamic Fruits and Greens superfood mixes are gluten free and do not contain wheat, dairy, sugar, preservatives, MSG, stimulants, or caffeine.

Pure Honey

Rapha Health & Wellness carries 100% pure, organic honey from bees raised
by our owners!

Berkey Systems – Water Purification Systems, Shower Filter & Accessories

Berkey Systems are the ultimate solution in waterborne contamination removal. These systems remove viruses, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, & harmful/unwanted chemicals while leaving essential minerals in the water. Great for drinking (humans & pets), cooking etc. We carry these systems in multiple sizes as well as the sport bottle for filtered water on the go!

We also carry the Berkey shower filter to reduce chemical absorption & vapor inhalation while reducing damage to the hair & skin.

Coobie- Seamless/Underwire – Free Bras

Coobies bras are underwire-free, seamless bras offering heightened comfort and support without putting pressure on the upper body or causing lymphatic congestion. The Coobie Bra provides shape and support and can also be worn in place of a camisole or tank top. We carry a variety of styles, colors and sizes to accommodate everyone!

e-cloth – Chemical-Free Cleaning

e-cloth products enable a chemical-free cleaning process that only uses water.  Using microfiber technology, proprietary equipment and manufacturing techniques, e-cloth produces superior performing products to meet specific cleaning challenges. We carry e-cloth products for a variety of uses including kitchen, bathroom, windows, mops, pet care and e-cloths for infant needs.

Nellies – Laundry Products

Laundry detergent, dryer balls, brightener and stain stick all made free of irritating toxins and phosphates, creating a hypoallergenic experience. Nellies products are also biodegradable, helping to keep the environment as spotless as your clothes.

Objects With Purpose – The Wearable Candle

Objects With Purpose candles are coconut derived 100% organic, non GMO, bio-degradable, pesticide free, vegan, ecologically sound and completely sustainable. The candles burn at a low temperature making it a soothing body butter when warm and solid perfume when cool (hence the wearable candle!). Candle ingredients include coconut butter, apricot butter, shea, fragrances are made with essential oils and eco-wicks for almost zero smoke

Poo-Pouri & Shoe- Pourri – Toilet & Shoe Deodorizer

Poo-Pourri is the stink-free guarantee, get your business done without any embarrassment afterward! Spritz 3-5 sprays into the toilet bowl on the water’s surface. Proceed to #2 as usual. The natural essential oils create a barrier—trapping odor under the surface before it ever begins.

Shoe~Pourri is specifically designed to destroy odors on a molecular level by actively reacting with the bad smell molecules. It uses mal-odor neutralizing essential oils and natural enzymes to eliminate smelly shoe odors. 

Primal Pit Paste

Designed to support the body’s detoxification process, this all natural deodorant actually works! It allows your pits to sweat, then helps to neutralize the bacteria that causes odor while also helping to absorb wetness. Primal Pit Paste is gluten free. Made in the USA.

Republic of Tea – Natural Tea

Republic of Tea makes a wide range of tea flavors- caffeinated decaffeinated, cold and hot teas through canvassing the most prized tea gardens of the world for their worthiest leaves. These teas and herbs come packaged in specially designed air-tight, light-resistant tins containing signature round, unbleached tea bags, free of unnecessary envelopes, strings, tags or staples.

Si-tek – Travel Bags

Sewing into the Eternal Kingdom (Si-Tek) is a self-sustainability Christian ministry located in Guatemala.  Si-Tek trains single mothers living in poverty the art of sewing, helping them to earn an income that is twice what they would earn in unskilled labor jobs. 100% of the profits for every bag purchased at Rapha Health & Wellness goes back to Si-Tek to continue giving hope to these mothers for a future raising entire families out of dire poverty.

SunLeaf – Aromatherapy

Made from 100% pure plant ingredients, SunLeaf offers a variety of products we carry in house including: soothing body oils, aromatherapy perfume, moisture sticks, soaps, essential oils, diffusers and natural candles. SunLeaf products are made in Minnesota, non-GMO, certified organic, scents are custom blends of 100% pure essential oils and are parceled in biodegradable
packaging made from recycled materials.

Yoni’s Bliss – Homeopathic Lubricating Gel 

PH balanced, soothing, non-sticky homeopathic lubricant. Yoni’s is water based and free from silicon, parabens, dimethicone, mineral oils, petroleum and glycerin.

Contact us to learn more about these and other products we carry.