Detox Foot Baths

Ionic or Detox Foot Baths are one method to eliminate toxins from the body. Detoxification is an important part of regaining and maintaining your health. Benefits of detoxification include increased energy levels and a boost to the immune system, as well as purging of excess waste and possible weight loss.

Looking to Purchase A Detox Foot Bath?

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Detox Foot Baths Appointments

During your detox foot bath appointment, you’ll sit in a welcoming, comfortable room. You’ll place your bare feet in a warm tub of water. An ionic charge passes through the water. By neutralizing toxins in the body, the IonCleanse® session creates an environment whereby heavy metals and other toxins can exit the body safely. Some of the toxins will exit the body via the feet (which have the largest pores in the human body) into the foot tub, while other toxins will exit the body through sweat, urine, and other natural body functions.

After a session, you’ll feel calm, relaxed, and focused. Typical session times vary from 15-30 minutes, determined primarily by age. There are no harmful side-effects, and the process is painless and non-invasive.

Clients can purchase a single session, or a package of five or ten sessions. We also offer recommendations for homeopathic remedies to assist in the detoxification and healing process