Our team combines deep knowledge of naturopathic health practices with more than 25 years of experience in traditional medical fields. At Rapha Health & Wellness, we care about you and your health. Our team offers a wide range of naturopathic products and services. We specialize in thermography or DITI (digital infrared thermal imaging), the best option for early breast cancer detection, as well as other safe, non-invasive natural health services.

A Note from Kimberly:

When I was a young nurse in my early twenties, an elderly patient looked at me and said, “Honey, enjoy these years, because the golden years aren’t golden.” Over the last 25 years as nurse, that statement has stayed with me, and I’ve asked myself why that is.

I’ve worked with many people, young and old, who felt much older than they actually were. Over the years, I realized that simply administering symptom-suppressing medications did little to return my patients to a healthy life. This began my journey to discover what works with the body’s natural systems to help people truly get better so they can enjoy their golden years.

My philosophy: I believe that our bodies are amazing instruments. The more I work with helping the body to heal itself, I am certain that an amazing Creator designed us with intention. The body has the ability to heal itself once we give it what it needs. Our body speaks to us through the symptoms we experience. We need to listen to what it is saying.
~ Kimberly Potter

No stranger to the health care industry, Kimberly Potter opened Rapha Health & Wellness in January of 2013 with the mission of educating her clients and helping them return to a healthy lifestyle.

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